Tozo T6 Best Budget Tws Earbud Review


The Hi-Fi stereo quality produces a natural sound. Its 6mm size speaker makes the sound authentic and powerful bass performance. While profiles like HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP outperform with Bluetooth 5.0. Basically, these are the latest standards for wireless transmission. But overall the sound quality is above expectations.


Including, the three color variants, Black, White, and Rose Gold. Tozo T6 is a fantastic portable earbud for under 50 dollars.

Moreover, the rectangular curved case is well built with a shiny surface all around. At the front bottom, four white led indicator for charging status. USB port located at the bottom. Also, it allows wireless charging feature to make it more reliable and hassle-free.

The earbuds are matte with some shiny areas around the touch controls. Its size is similar to the quarter dollar coin weighing only 4.5g.

Battery Life

T6 provides playtime up-to 6 hours in one charge. While the charging case has extra 24 hours of power backup for further charging. The total battery life of 30 hours.

The most unignorable thing about Tozo T6 it provides the feature of wireless charging of the case. Which is mostly not expected under this price range.

Connectivity Range

As usual, these pairs provide a standard range of 10 meters. You can easily walk through your home and in the street nearby.

Tozo T6 Ultra Features

  • Wireless charging case
  • Light Weight (4.5g)
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Hi-Fi Stereo
  • Long Battery Life

Inside Box

  • Earbuds
  • Micro USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Ear caps


  • Black
  • White
  • Rose Gold


Whenever you put out the earbud from the case, it notifies with the sound you’re connecting. It can be annoying for someone attending a call or lecture with the voice “you’re connecting.”

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  • Comprehendible audio at High Volume
  • 40 Feet Connectivity Range
  • Stylish Charging Case
  • Tricky to Pull Out Earbuds


Can I use one pair at a time?

Yes, you can easily use one at a time. Just pick out from the case and enjoy listening!

How to call up Google Assistant or Siri?

Tap three times the touch controls in a row to activate the assistant.

Is there is any rubber case for the charging box?

Yes, there are many simple rubber cases on the market. Not included in the kit.

How many colors do T6 provide?

There are almost three colors present Black, White, and Rose Gold.

What to do if not have a USB cable?

You don’t need to worry because the case allows the fantastic feature of wireless charging.

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