Drumming Shoes: 4 Factors to Consider & the Best Options

“What are the Finest Footwear for Drumming?”

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This query is normally questioned by novices and intermediates alike on discussion boards.

And the solutions to these queries usually drop in one particular of a few types:

  1. “It does not issue, what ever performs for you!”
  2. “NEVER use shoes, enjoy in socks or play barefoot!”
  3. “I are living and die by THIS shoe!” (no matter what it may well be)

In my working experience it undoubtedly issues.

I the moment went for a promo shoot putting on leather-based boots and then shot a audio video instantly after… let me inform you some thing, it was not uncomplicated or comfy.

I’m not saying buying a certain style of shoe is likely to make you into Buddy Wealthy.

But there are advantages to certain styles of “drumming shoes”.

Sidenote: This forum put up recounts a tale about Tony Williams and exhibits you how awesome he played… in military boots!
Now, believe how a lot more relaxed and faster Tony would have been capable to perform in some lightweight trainers!

So what ought to you contemplate when wanting at drumming shoes?

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  1. Grip: Decide no matter whether you want slippery footwear for velocity or grippy sneakers for ability!
  2. Fat: Lightweight shoes are greater.
  3. Materials: Go for canvas in basic. Leather / suede sneakers are wonderful but might want to be worn-in prior to they turn out to be comfy.
  4. Sole profile: Go for flat soled footwear and prevent heels.

1. Pedal grip

How much grip you want on the bass drum pedal is a major selecting factor when deciding on footwear for drumming.

The much more grip you have indicates extra electricity in your stroke as your foot will not be sliding up the footboard so ALL the energy is going down into the pedal.

This will come at a value, if you use the slide-double strategy, this can make the sliding motion a minimal tricker to nail down.

2. Bodyweight

There is a cause why really a couple drummers favor to enjoy in socks or barefoot, it is for the reason that it’s as mild as your foot can be.

This suggests taking part in intricate tactics and participating in rapidly is simpler as you never have to go the body weight of a shoe.

Granted, it is not the largest component as shoes are not heading to weigh a large amount.

But it can make a change when you are shelling out a working day monitoring drums for a report.

3. Material

Envision taking part in in a rigid, restrictive shirt compared to a softer t-shirt – which would be far more comfy?

The similar thought applies to your drumming shoes. Having a wonderful, purely natural feel will help to your convenience when participating in.

Fernweh Editions Candles

Any substance which is way too restrictive or rigid can be a distraction and hinder your taking part in.

For this motive when deciding upon the most effective shoes for drumming, pick out adaptable elements that don in simply. Canvas and slender leathers/suede are the finest solutions below.

4. Sole profile

If you do want to dress in sneakers when you enjoy, you’ll want to keep away from heels as it adjustments the basic shape of your foot when playing.

Take into account when you are standing barefoot, your heel, toes and the ball of your feet are all making get hold of with the floor evenly. (Except you are flat footed).

You want to continue to keep the connection in between these areas of your foot continual by wearing flat bottomed sneakers. Tennis / basketball and skate footwear are usually good possibilities for drummers because they tend to be versatile, light-weight and flat.

Running footwear, even though light-weight and flexible have a tapered shape which will possible translate to a funky feel when on the kit (and not in a superior way!).

What do the pros use for their drumming sneakers?

Now you have heard my factors on what will make the ideal shoes for drumming, let us dive into some of the preferred brands that he pros use! (If I have skipped anybody out, permit me know in the feedback and I’ll add them in!)

PUMA Unisex-Adult Drift Cat 7

Puma Drift Cat


  • Slender sole
  • Light-weight
  • Designed from suede so they are difficult wearing!

As utilized by:

  • Thomas Lang
  • Mike Mangini
  • Virgil Donati

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High Top Sneaker

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars


  • Iconic in the audio scene
  • Flat sole with great grip
  • Slimmer “Lean” model out there
  • Out there in masses of colours

As applied by:

adidas Originals Men's Superstar Black

ADIDAS Superstars


  • Flat sole with excellent grip
  • Offered in different designs

As utilized by:

Vans Men's Sneaker

VANS Authentic


  • Legendary in the audio scene
  • Flat sole with very good grip
  • Offered in “Lo pro” which has a slimmer sole
  • Offered in “Lite” which are lighter than the regular sneakers

As used by:

The Base Line

Opt for the footwear you truly feel at ease in but these footwear are tried out and tested by the execs, decide on light and grippy sneakers to continue to keep you feet sensation high-quality when you participate in.