Rademax T12 Best Budgeted Earbud Review

rademax t12 true wireless earbud

Since Apple AirPods are released, Rademax T12 gain its popularity. These pairs are inspired by AirPods. T12 is the best alternate for those who don’t want to invest in AirPods can buy these pairs. The reason a folk of people referred to buy these because they are budget-friendly and providing the latest features. It is … Read more

Edyell E-C5 Wireless Earbuds Review


EDYELL makes the most of Bluetooth 5.0. It has specially designed microscopes that can communicate extremely fast with any device you want to pair with the headphones. This feature is advanced that headphones automatically turn on and connect as soon as they have taken out of the loaded case.  BlueTooth Connectivity 5.0 The chips are … Read more