Amazing Earbuds Tips & Tricks You Must Try in 2021

If you’re an existing earbud user these tips and tricks used before or there may be some new tricks you must try. Let’s start exploring:

Clean the Earbudsclean the earbuds


Sometimes ear wax sticks with the speaker and the performance are affected. To overcome this clean, the ear-tips and also the speaker with a tissue or brush gently. Make sure don’t try it forcefully.

How to clean wireless earbuds properly?

Taking care of your gears and tools is considered a best practice. One of the most asked questions regarding wireless earphones is what the best way to clean earbuds is?

Clean it with water

Most earbuds are water-resistant or waterproof. So, cleaning the pairs strictly underwater is recommended at all. Instead, use a wet microfiber cloth and some tissue paper. It works fine.

Use an alcohol swab

Yes, you can use it only for cleaning ear tips, not for buds. Similarly, you can use an alcohol swab for the outer surface and remove the dust particles.

How to get rid of earwax from earbuds?earwax

The most common reason wireless pairs do not perform well. Just because they are not maintained and cleaned repeatedly. To overcome this situation, follow the procedure:

  1. Detach the ear-tips from pieces.
  2. Arrange some warm water.
  3. Put the ear-tips in it and clean with the soap mixture.
  4. For earpieces pick cotton buds and clean the wax gently.
  5. You can also use an old toothbrush to clean earwax from speakers.

How to wear wireless earbuds for maximum comfort?

Wear correctly

Whenever you see a person wearing an earbud, most probably you thought of wearing them. But you have not the right procedure to put in. Similarly, you tried to wear earpieces in your ears. But if you don’t find a comfortable way here is the simple way to perform this activity:

  1. First of all, you have to pick up the best ear-tips according to your ears’ adjustment.
  2. Then pick the earbuds for the right ear. If you can’t differentiate between right or left there is small text integration on the earphone. So, pick accordingly.
  3. Finally, put it in your ear and twist correctly according to the best fit.

How to resolve the earphones falling issue? 

Change Ear-tips

Change Ear tips

Most customers complain about earphone fitting. But the most common reason behind the complaint is they do not try different sizes of ear-tips.

What are the ear-tips?

Ear-tips are silicon material used to cover the speaker’s outer surface. The material is soft and helps to fit your ear and reduce outside noise and deliver maximum audio to the ears. Whenever the wrong size of ear-tip is selected, it may cause to fall earpieces suddenly & eventually.

You don’t need to worry. Because every time you buy a pair, there is a pack of tips including. In the package, it has three sizes of tips Small, Medium, and Large. You can pick the size depends on the ear size. For most users, medium size works fine. Suppose someone still fits the problem. So, they can use small or large ones.

The most common reason for ear pressure or ear pains caused by the fitting problem as mentioned above. So, it can also be resolved by simply following the procedure.

Tip: Find out the pairs that have the best grip and more comfort for better performance. Read the buying guide before buying new pairs.