About us

Edwin (author of this blog) is an enthusiast technology lover. Passionate about experiencing the latest gadgets & share his experience with the online community. After his Bachelor of art in music.

edwinHe started many review blogs to provide the best reviews before actually buying the product. While the leading niche, he reviewed most related to headphones & speakers, etc.

The idea of earbudsunder50.com first blinked in my mind while I was finding alternatives to Apple AirPods. I don’t have to pay that much. Meanwhile, I looked around for the best wireless earbuds under my limited budget. I was amazed to see that there many other options to buy, instead, of just paying for expensive fancy brands.

So, I picked up the best earbuds & my experience with them was so good. Finally, I decided not to share these budgeted pairs with others who were unwilling to pay for expensive brands.

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in the market. But for consumers, the opportunity to get premium products is increasing day by day.

I hope you found this blog helpful if you’re seeking¬†truly wireless earbuds.

Frequent Asked Questions

My ultimate goal for this blog is to review quality earphones for under 50 dollars.

The internet contains unauthentic information. While our team precisely pick the earbud & make sure to experience it in different dimensions. After that, we write the article mentioning the pros & cons. Also, if there are some hidden features, it is prioritized to write in the blog.

Not at all, but the listed pairs are the best substitute & provide unique features like them.